2-in-1 Ironing & Steaming System with Cordless Freedom!

PowerXL Iron & Steamer

PowerXL Cordless Iron & Steamer

  • Heats to Full Power in only 30 Seconds
  • Reheats to Full Power in 8 Seconds
  • Locks into Base for Extended Use
  • Available in 1400W & 1500W
  • Lightweight – Weighs less than 2 lbs.
Starting at 3 Easy Payments of $1999
Add 2-in-1 Iron & Steamer Pad (Just Pay Separate Fee*)

The Best Features of the World's Greatest Iron & Steamer!

iron weighs less than 2 lbs.

Extra Lightweight - Weighs < 2 lb!

Easy to carry, compact design helps ironing and steaming go faster with less effort.

Cord-Free with Tapered Precision Tip

Enjoy smooth, natural movement in any direction. Tapered tip gives you pinpoint accuracy between buttons or while smoothing narrow corners.
tapered tip
non-stick sole plate

Non-Stick Ceramic Soleplate

Not Even Plastic Sticks - Great for Transfers

High-Intensity Steam Bursts Smooth Wrinkles & Creases Effortlessly

PowerXL Iron & Steamer Powerful Enough to Blowout 12 Candles!

Powerful Enough  
to Blowout 12 Candles!

High-intensity steam with its 19 optimized steam release points smoothes wrinkles effortlessly.
• Locks into Base for Extended Use

• Auto- Shutoff System
• Anti-Calc & Self-Cleaning Functions

• Heats to Full Power in 30 Seconds
• Reheats to Full Power in 8 Seconds
• 370 ML Water Tank

Get the Portable 2 IN 1 Iron & Steamer Pad!
Place It On A Flat Surface To Iron
steamer pad- flat
Or Hang It Anywhere To Steam
steamer pad- hang on door
Engineered to Make Wrinkles Disappear!
Before and After Blue Shirt
Before and After Sports Jacket
Before and After Tan Slacks
Before and After Pink Blouse
Perfect for All Garments & Fabrics
Cotton, Linen, Wool, Silks & More!
cotton, linen, wool, synthetics
cashmere,silks, beading, transfers
Multipurpose Iron & Steamer –
Use It All Over The House with Cordless Freedom!
perfect for upholstery
Deodorize & Sanitize
Upholstery with Gentle Steam
Plush Toys
perfect for plush toys
Helps Eliminate Germs,
Bacteria & Allergy-Causing Dust
perfect for curtains
Super Portable,
Get As High or As Low as You Need
PowerXL Cordless Iron & Steamer Reviews From Amazon
"I bought this because I haven't owned an iron in years, but I've been needing to steam more items. This looked like a good combo to try out... It doesn't spray water everywhere like my old steamer. Love the light and portable design."
"I was really surprised at how light the iron is itself. Without the cord swinging around it really makes for a better iron! There is a locking feature to keep the iron and the base connected for storage, which is super convenient. The ironing pad that came with it is great quality! The iron heats quickly and works great..."
"This iron is excellent and there are so many things to love about it!! The fact that it is cordless was enough to sell me on it, but on top of that it heats up unbelievably quickly..."

PowerXL Cordless Iron & Steamer Today!

1400 W Cordless Iron & Steamer
Starting at
3 Easy Payments of $1999
Add 2-in-1 Iron & Steamer Pad
(Just $3.33 per payment fee*)